A Morning Routine

     Beep!!!! Beep!!!! Beep!!! The alarm clock goes off, and it’s time to start your day. But are you a person who is always rushing in the morning and always feeling stressed? Well, to most people it is common to feel rushed in the morning, and it becomes a part of our lives, but people don't get how important the start of our day is and how it translates to the effectiveness and happiness of the rest of the day. Having a regular morning routine is crucial in achieving the best possible start to your day and getting you started on positive note. I use to wake up 30 minutes before needing to be out of the house and rush around hoping to be on time for work or whatever I had planned. Then the entire day I would feel antsy and that nothing was accomplished. But after reading numerous books, I realized one common trend in successful people. They all have a morning routine they do before they head out of the house. So, I created one, taking bits and pieces from different individuals and creating something I love now. I encourage you to do the same and create a morning routine. Below I’m going to go through my morning routine and explain why I do each thing. It has changed over time and continues to evolve as I grow and want to try new things.  Remember, you need to create a routine that best suits you. Also, I will snap my mornings regularly if you are interested in checking it out! Follow me on Snapchat at brycedhillon. Let’s start the routine!



4:30 am Wake Up- Glass of Lemon Water


I get up at 4:30 am. Why you probably are asking? Well first, to get things done you need to be up early. There is no excuse for I don’t have enough time or I have class or work in the morning. You are wasting your time sleeping in and having to rush to work. Second, the best feeling in the world is when you wake up before the sun rises and the world feels like its stopped. I can get the most done in the mornings, and I love the feeling of being in an empty world. Right after I brush my teeth, I drink a warm glass of water with a freshly squeezed lemon in it. I do this as it’s a great way to get your immune system firing and people don't realize your body just went 8hrs without water during your sleep. Lemon water also has so many other great benefits that you can search up.


4:40 am-5:20 am Morning Routine Starts


Read: 10 minutes

Every morning I read for ten minutes. I always want to be learning new things and ideas, or continually getting better at a craft I'm currently working on. And the best possible way to learn is to read. Reading can only help you gain knowledge and will only benefit you. Just think of it as everything you read is adding more to your brain. If I want to become a better stock investor, I read the great books that are out there on the topic.


Review Goals and Vision Board

Every single morning, I review my goals and look at my vision board. This helps me know what my goals are for the week, month, year and lifetime. You need always to be reminding yourself of the goals you have and the life you want through your vision board and goals that are written down. This will help you stay focused and keep you motivated.



I meditate for 5 minutes and the way I do it is I use the Headspace app. I use to try to sit with my eyes closed by myself, but I find a guided meditation helps me release all my thoughts and have a clear mind much better.


Business Insider

This is where things may seem a little weird to you. I read two articles of my choice from Business Insider.com. The articles are typically either political, finance, or current news. This helps me stay connected to what’s going on in the world, and I like to know what’s happening around the world and not just through social media. I believe in being aware of the worlds state and not just your community.


Stock Portfolio

I check my stock portfolio daily to see where they are at and then to see what’s happening in the market. Plus, I check out any other stocks that I may be interested in buying that I have recorded in a notebook. I have been typically checking my stocks after the gym now because the market opens at 630am where I live. I do sometimes get so into research that I have started having to put a timer on to stop.


Check Calendar and To Do List

I check my calendar for the day to see what I have planned for the day. I just started using Google calendar and never realized what I was missing out on. Then I have a notebook that I carry everywhere (and I mean everywhere) that has my to-do list in it and any notes I think of throughout the day. This can be anything from dropping off packages at the mailbox or needing to deposit money into a bank account. This helps me stay on track of what needs to be accomplished for the day and to prioritize my schedule.


Daily Journal

I journal every morning. This is my time to talk to myself, and some days I have a lot to say and others I may just have two words to say to myself, but no matter what I write something down. Also, each day I write three things I’m grateful for. You need to realize the blessing you have in life and writing three things down each day helps you realize that you are blessed for so many reasons.


5:20 am- 5:30 am

I have my pre-workout and sit and listen to either a podcast or a motivational YouTube clip. This is my time just to get ready for the gym by changing or talking to my mom if she's not already left for work.



At 5:30ish I go to the gym! I absolutely love going to the gym in the morning as it gets my energy up for the day. And you need to take care of your health which not enough people do. If you go and get it over with in the morning, you have no excuse to say after work that you're tired. Health is wealth like everyone says. I like to feel good and to look good, and the only way that is going to happen is taking care of your brain and your body. You don’t need to go to the gym, but instead, you can go for a 30 min walk, a run or whatever type of exercise you can do in the morning, just do it (Nike quote, felt proud of that one, not going to lie).


      Now that's it! This morning routine is not that long and has made a significant change in my life. I feel more accomplished and peaceful during each day after following these steps. As you can notice there was nothing to do with social media. I do not go on social media until I am back from the gym. Or the only time I use it is to post my snaps or stories. You do not need to wake up to see and compare to other people’s lives. Take care of yourself first and then technology later. Also, I do not eat breakfast; I fast every morning until about 11 am and I just find this is the best thing for me. But that’s about it. Be consistent with the morning routine and add things that you love and that will benefit you. Everyone's morning routine will be different and customized to them. Start small and add things over time. Let me know what’s a part of your morning routine below and remember you get to create the life you want, and you get to create your own happiness.

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