New Year, New Dreams, New Goals

            Wow did 2017 ever go by so quick and now it's 2018! 2017 was a year of a lot of political disputes and horrific natural disasters it seems. Your own 2017 might have been a rough year as well, but you have the chance to change that and start with a clean slate. 2018 gives everyone a new chance at starting fresh and creating the life they always dreamed. You can choose to create anything you want this year! It all comes down to right now and preparing yourself for the year with setting your goals and then setting a plan on how to achieve those goals. Below are 3 steps to help you create your goals and make 2018 your year!


1. Write Down Your Goals!


            Now, everyone sets goals for January 1st, but a majority of them forget them, and they slowly slip out of memory. This is why you need to write down your goals. When you don’t write things down like your goals, you forget about them, and they get lost throughout your daily life. Write them down in your journal and then type them on the computer. Print a few off from the computer and place them everywhere! Like everywhere! Take your time with them as well and be specific so you can hit that goal target. List your goals in sections like 2018 (Personal and Business/Work), 5-year goals, and life goals. Within these goals include your mission statement or phrases that you want to live your life by every single day. With just this first step of writing down your goals, you are ahead of 80% percent of the world!


2. Review Your Goals Daily


            After having your goals written down and having them everywhere, you need one specifically in the place where you spend your mornings. This can be at the kitchen counter, your desk or wherever you sit during the morning. You need to be continually reminded of your goals to stay on track. And you cannot just glance at them, but you need to re-read them daily. Keeping them fresh in your mind will get you one step closer to accomplishing them. You will be motivated every single morning to make your goals reality.


3. The Compound Effect


            The final step in making your goals reality is you need to set a plan to get them started and to progress each day. Each day you need to block out a certain amount of time from your day set just for your goals.  It doesn’t have to be anything crazy like 4 hours. Just start off small with like 20-30 minutes each day and increase to more time when you have it.  A great book explaining this concept of small steps each day will greatly improve your chance of success is The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. His concept is small choice + consistency + time = significant results. Nothing can be accomplished without setting time to do them.


            So, there we have it. A simple 3 step process to follow when starting the year 2018 off and making your goals happen this year. Remember, you get to create the life you want, and you get to create your own happiness. Have a blessed 2018, and below I included just a couple of my goals for the year, and please share some of your 2018 goals in the comments!


My Goals


*Read 50 books for the year

*Complete rough draft of my 1st book, then edit it and self-publish it


*Get 1 cleaning contract for Sparkling Cleaners


Statements I Want to Live by

Serve Others

Be the hardest worker in the room

Perform each task with excellence

Always strive to learn

Read and explore

Be present


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