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Thank you for visiting my blog! As I can tell, you wanted to know a bit more about me. So, let’s start!

            My name is Bryce Dhillon, or if you want the full-length Punjabi name, it is Bharvir Bryce Singh Dhillon. Long enough eh? Haha. And yes, Bryce is my middle name. I choose to use it as it helps people pronounce my name easier as you can assume. I am the youngest sibling of three, Stephanie and Shauna being my two older sisters.

            Now, to get to know me is pretty much summed up in one word… SPORTS. I have loved sports and have been an athlete my entire life. From playing every sport in school to going to play college basketball. I enjoy the thrill and competition of sports so much and honestly; sports defined me as a person for my entire life.

            Growing up, I was just like any other kid with no worries in the world and not caring of where my life went. I drank, I smoked, I partied, I did it all. Like I mean it ALL. That all stopped on April 21, 2011. That’s when my life and heart stopped. My older sister Stephanie passed away on that day, and that’s when things changed. My life completely stopped. I stopped doing everything and was in a dark hole. This lasted a couple of years till finally, I saw my life going nowhere. I kept all my feelings to myself and hated everything about life.  I contemplated every single day why the world would take someone so beautiful inside and out away from a family that never did anything wrong? Why would anyone take a daughter away from two parents who came to Canada to give their children the best life possible? (Which they succeeded in doing). Why would anyone take away the oldest sister of two younger siblings who looked up to her as she fought her own struggles of being in a wheelchair her entire life?  I gave up on the idea of God at this time and told myself a God wouldn’t do this.

                At this time, I contemplated the idea of playing college basketball and finally, I decided to play, as I always wanted to leave my city of Kamloops and experience the joy of a college experience away from home. I thought it would be a good idea of getting away from home and my dad always pushed me to play basketball at some college. So, I went and played in the middle of nowhere in Grande Prairie Alberta. And as weird as it sounds this was the turning point in my life. When I arrived back from college basketball, I decided to change my life. The duties of having to take care of myself and seeing how much I missed my family every day taught me so many lessons.

            When I arrived back I started reading more books, working out (which replaced sports for me), and any other thing that would positively benefit me. This started causing a chain reaction. I quit smoking and drinking and got my life on the right path instead of an unfulfilling path. I got a job as a youth caregiver while attending university for teaching and this would be the moment I finally found my passion. Working with youth and helping others. I decided to turn my passion for fitness, working with youth, and helping others and created my company the Youth Investment Academy. I want to be able to be in front of thousands helping them achieve greatness. My number one goal in my life is to help others succeed in becoming the best version of themselves possible. This became my goal as my sister was the one person who always supported every single decision of my life, good or bad. The experience I live is not just for me but for her as well.

            Currently, I am a student at university to become a teacher and have worked as a youth caregiver full time while attending school for the past three years. I am an investor in the stock market, an investor in properties and other streams of positive cash flow. I am on a mission to create the life I want for myself, and I want you to join my journey as we can achieve our dreams and goals together.

            I am here to help you in any way possible and to show you with my own life that we can all become and do the things we genuinely love. This site will be ways for you to grow as a person not just financially but spiritually and mentally as well. I will share my thoughts and ideas that may help you with your own path. In the great tragedy of my sister’s loss, I found my passion for a new life to leave a legacy in her name and to help you find your purpose in this beautiful world we live in.

            We all have dark days, but we can still find some light that may be bright enough to light up a room. And that’s basically where I am at life today. I have goals, I have a vision and am on the path to make my life happen. I am not perfect and am still learning on the way. I hope you will learn with me and we can create our journeys together. Thank you for taking the time to read this short story about me and to the side are some pictures of my family and I. Have a wonderful day and CREATE YOUR HAPPINESS.